Rhythms of the Soul

The rhythms of life can often be described as familiar patterns, routines, or movements dictated by seasons, periods, or cycles that we live in. After a year when everything was turned upside down and inside out, how do we move forward establishing helpful, healthy, and happy rhythms for our emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing? Rhythms of the Soul is from Psalms as we study a Psalm a week focusing on retuning and refreshing our soul in this new year.

A Spiritual Wilderness Survival Guide

God's got some pretty big shoulders to cry on
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A Breakthrough Prayer

There’s no breakthrough without a breakup...
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Honest Worship

God is addicted to our dependence...
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The Comeback Prayer

Even God loves a good comeback story...
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Who's Waiting On Who

Sometimes when we think we are waiting on God, He is actually waiting on us.
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Why is the Bible Essential to the Christian Faith?

What gives us our edge when it comes to our character and conduct?
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4 Responses to the Sanctity of Life

If I were born after Roe v. Wade, I might not be here today.
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God is King, Jesus is Messiah, Even When the World Rages On

Our souls might find themselves-again-on edge.
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The Path of Wisdom

We started this year with Kenny G and finished with Black Sabbath
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