Hidden Hope

Hope can seem like an ideal fantasy and a desire ultimately out of our control; but the HOPE we receive from God is more than just optimism. It’s a concrete TRUTH rooted in the GOSPEL. As we walk through 1 Peter verse by verse we see HOPE is tested in the toil, solidified in the suffering and revealed through refinement.

Hidden Hope's Helpers

This is a reminder that we can serve others in the midsts of challenging times.
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How to Restore Hope in the Church

The church is losing touch with those it's trying to reach.
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Hope In Hardship

Can you enjoy hardship?
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Hope From Above

I'm not putting my hope in a donkey or an elephant. I'm putting my hope in The Lamb.
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Hope In Suffering

Our human impulse is to fight or flee when we're wronged.
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Hope in Marriage

We crash and burned in year one.
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Hope in God's Power and Authority

Why do we need these powers and authorities anyways?
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The Hidden Hope of Baptism

What is the deal with baptism? Why is it so important?
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Hope For My Future

I was working on the Kirtland road crew, digging ditches, filling holes, and picking up road kill.
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Hope From My Past

Every single one of us has a past and too many times we try to run, cover, or hide our past
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Hope in the Gospel

While preachers preach it and politicians promise it, hope escapes us in our most desperate hour
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