Sometimes we need to go back to where it all started- back to the beginning. Because it’s when we go back and revisit the basics, we can gain alignment and clarity. And be inspired by the original purpose and calling - the original mission. A mission that hasn’t changed, and a calling that hasn’t faded. Essentials is rediscovering the indispensable elements of our Christian faith and gaining a deeper understanding of our role in a more personal way. It's a 5-week study in the book of Matthew aligning our hearts on mission together, ready to move forward with all God has for us personally and collectively.

Christianity 501: Maximizing Kingdom Opportunity

We’re not owners, we’re managers.
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Christianity 401: Multiplying the Ministry

Multiplication doesn't take place by osmosis....
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Christianity 301: Sharing the Message

Are you modeling a soft heart?
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Absolute Surrender

Don't be deterred by it...
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Christianity 201: Joining the Mission

I’m talking about eternal influencers…
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Christianity 101: Following the Call

If you already know the essentials of Christianity, then who have you taught them to?
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Take your faith to the next level